3rd Studio Album “Out of the Bleu” by Bronx Recording artist Joel Bleu

*Pre-order* Release Date Jan. 4th, 2021
Exclusively on DIGITVL

Out of the Bleu is the 3rd studio album by recording artist Joel Bleu. After 2.5 years since the release of his sophomore album “Blvck N’ Bleu“, Joel Bleu has finally delivered a 3rd installment. Born out of the [now historic] year 2020, Out of the Bleu details Joel Bleu’s perspectives throughout the pandemic, explores his creativity during a time of minimal activity and interaction with others, and offers insight into some of the new sounds & styles crafted by Joel Bleu. Exclusively available for purchase via DIGITVL, Out of the Bleu is expecting to stream on all known DSPs by January 14th. However, you can be one of the first to tune in on Jan. 4th here!

1. Studio Ambience (Intro)
2. Runaway
3. Time Being     
4. Karma (feat. Snick Foley & Néon Jay)
5. Stay Ahead (feat. Wlf.St & I Am Rain)
6. Without Me (feat. Néon Jay)
7. The Storytellers [Interlude]
8.  Back 2 Da Block

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