Explore our portfolio showcasing exceptional design, seamless user experiences, and robust backend development. Each project not only contributed to our business’s establishment but also drove revenue, ROI, and managed expenses effectively. Beyond development, we actively engage in operations, marketing, and customer service, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle.

Digital streaming platform allowing for music and video streaming for creators. Monetization options enabled for both consumer and uploader. 

Padel court search engine, with seamless User experience integration to allow for users to find padel courts anywhere or by location. Localized payment system integrated. 

Bookings, CRM, business management dashboard with analytics and overviews integrated.

Learning mobile application, allowing for video streaming and user interaction with designed courses.

Sms/Email  CRM dashboard with OpenAI integrated, allowing for AI to generate email and text messages to customers. Analytics and reports integrated. Payment and subscription solutions enabled. 

E-commerce marketplace platform, allowing for product customization, multivendor selling, several integrated payment solutions, including cryptocurrency. Digital and physical products along with commission, delivery system and affiliate sellers. 

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